Sunday, August 19, 2012

Removal of CELAS ransomware that demands USD, Euro, GBP 100 subject to the area of infection allegedly for violating Digital Millennium Copyright Act

CELAS ransomware hits users worldwide as popups titled with the name of above company have confused thousands of users. The company allegedly speaking to users is said to represent the rights of EMI records right holder. Needless to say, these are black hats that misuse the name of officially running entity in order to scare users and get their money.
Subject to the region of the infection landing, text may vary, as well as currency and method of payment. Amount of payment in three different currencies observed so far is stable and equals to 100.
Remove CELAS ransomware as another Winlock that adds to the series of winlocks known as UKASH ransomware (the name is assigned according to the prevailing way of transferring the ransom fee suggested by hackers, but the payment system UKAH is not supporting the scam whatsoever – quite in contrary, it has warned customers about the scams).
Click here to start free scan in order to get rid of CELAS ransomware that groundlessly blames you for illegally downloading music tracks and violating Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

CELAS ransomware automated removal tool download:

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