Thursday, August 23, 2012

Remove Sur votre ordinateur est infecté blocker as you have got a winlock installed on votre ordinateur, your PC

"Sur votre ordinateur est infecté" alert means you have got a winlock settled down on the PC. In the meantime, the above notification itself tries to persuade you that Windows has detected a winlock, but you need to pay to delete it.
“Redemarrez votre ordinateur et essayez de supprimer le programme malveillant se traduira par la suppression de toutes vos informations et les systeme d’exploitation” – that is, the rogue discourages from restarting operating system under the pretext of system crash risk. That is a bluff. No need to buy UKASH voucher following the malware’s instructions.
Right response to the tricks by the black hats is to get rid of Sur votre ordinateur est infecté ransomware. Free scanner technology recommended here is a valid and experimentally verified method for the removal of Sur votre ordinateur est infecté popup.

"Sur votre ordinateur est infecté" virus automated removal tool download:

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