Saturday, April 21, 2012

Remove redirect virus – how do I solve home-page, toolbar and search redirect problem? redirect (SearchNU redirect malware) virus is not considered as infection by overwhelming majority of antivirus products, for it is installed by users as a part of larger installation. For example, Ilivid download manager is installed by default together with the redirect. That is mentioned in relevant setup window. In that window, there is a tick in the box titled Typical Installation. The option directly stipulates that it installs the toolbar of the alternate search engine, and sets the above url as a home-page and default search engine.
A user is free to switch to Custom Installation, but there is another trick as the boxes below Custom Installation are ticked in advance so that many people simply miss to remove the marks approving the installation, which is actually unwanted.
Removal of is a common problem. Most of the visitors to this website have got their browser infected due to misunderstanding installation agreement for freeware or simply missing to check them as appropriate.
Get rid of redirect virus as the issue is not available for uninstalling in one move. Free scanner available here is a verified solution for redirects extermination. screenshot: manual removal guide:
Please follow this Google Redirect Virus manual removal guide to get rid of redirections: redirect may lead you to one of the following internal pages: automated removal tool download:

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  1. this worked for me in firefox and IE and no need to install another program (which could end up being another virus) to remove!