Sunday, August 26, 2012

Removal of Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf4 without deleting infected files – damage-free cleanup of advanced rootkit

Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf4 is flagged for items detected as objects created by Trojan.Zeroaccess.C as completely new files or by inserting malicious code into harmless files. In the latter case, a proficient malware is to remove Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf4 by cleaning infected items rather than deleting them in whole.
Tasks assigned to such files varies and are learned from the info transferred from remote server. In the wild, cases of executing spying and IP stealing payloads have been observed.
Get rid of Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf4 and the source of infection using free scan technology available here and tested malware experts to clean computers of rootkit based infections without whenever possible causing damage to originally harmless infected objects.

Trojan.Zeroaccess!inf4 automated removal tool download:

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