Thursday, October 4, 2012

Remove Association of Chief Police Officers virus that cheats you to get hackers paid as though your PC is to fall apart otherwise

Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPA) malware, virus, ransomware, trojan is a another case of counterfeiting official message of existing authority in an attempt to scare users into parting with their hard-earned money to the benefit of black hats.
This time, the crooks have chosen UK based ACPO Criminal Records Office.
They spread a virus that generates the alert putting the above name into its title. The message is shown every time system is loaded. It might nearly totally block your PC.
Removal of Association of Chief Police Officers ransomware requires proficient extermination action. On the other hand, you need not expecting that, if you pay the ransom demanded by the popup to the amount of GDP 100 and with UKASH voucher, the issue is solved.
Please disregard the statement of the popup that your PC is approaching critical security condition due to visiting infected or pornographic websites. Run free scan and get rid of Association of Chief Police Officers trojan, and you will not need restoring your system, as well as paying any money to the nasty hackers.

Interpol, Department of CyberCrime blocker locker virus automated removal tool download:

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