Sunday, September 16, 2012

Remove Trojan.Gen.2 for good – ultimate destruction and cleanup for rootkit supported malware

Trojan.Gen.2 is often observed as a Recycle Bin infection. Security software products tend to deliver report on the threat as an infinity loop cycle. In the wild, users are puzzled and annoyed to see the infection flagged every 5 minutes.
A successful removal of Trojan.Gen.2 must destroy and clean the rogue for good. It implies detection and extermination of the object that keeps restoring it. The object is a rootkit, infection invisible for most of the common security solutions. Click here to upgrade your computer security with advanced free scanner and get rid of Trojan.Gen.2 along with the other threats found, including that of rootkit type.

Trojan.Gen.2 automated removal tool download:

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