Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Get rid of Win32:Downloader-PKU[Trj] and the set of infections it drops into Windows directory

Win32:Downloader-PKU[Trj] continuously generates objects in white-listed area. In the wild, it has been observed to create, and monitor presence of, a set of files in Windows directory, in Installer folder.
The detecting facility may give up objects created by Win32:Downloader-PKU[Trj] removal under the pretext of white-listed area cleanup risks. If deleted manually, the files inevitably restore to the same location.
The question is why the security tool does not remove Win32:Downloader-PKU[Trj] itself, if it is outside whit-listed area? The answer is on the surface – there is no adequate proficiency.
To ensure extermination of the malicious objects created by the malware, and the creative malware in mention, please run free scan followed by ultimate disinfection without omitting not a single malware and inflicting damages on any harmless objects.

Win32:Downloader-PKU[Trj automated removal tool download:

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