Thursday, October 18, 2012

Remove Hao123 Toolbar and redirects associated

Hao123 Toolbar is a browser extension. It is attached to browser using techniques of implicit agreement. That is, a user normally would not agree that the consent has been granted, in spite of that it has been granted. The point is that the declaration specifying such a consent is insidiously hidden among clauses of installation agreement.
Besides, there are methods of drive-by downloading in place, which completely dismiss the procedure of user’s informing on the content loading, or trojan-droppers are used to load the toolbar.
The browser integration always includes redirects to websites related to the unwanted toolbar. Removal of Hao123 Toolbar is thus rather considered as redirect elimination than extermination of the annoying add-on.
Run free scan and get rid of Hao123 Toolbar, as well as redirects associated. The cleanup is provided on free scan terms.

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