Sunday, September 2, 2012

Removal of Your Computer Has Been Locked – FBI, Department of Justice ransomware that wants you to transfer USD 200 to hackers in the names of Federal Bureu of Investigation

"Your Computer Has Been Locked" – FBI , Department of Justice popup is a recent trickery run by gangs who have purchased a trojan from its developers. The fact that there are multiple crooks independently utilizing the same hacking tools badly aggravates their hunting down by public security bodies . Therefore a good deal of computers in North America and worldwide have been partly blocked by the ransomware that, in the name of Federal Bureu of Investigation, claims user is due to pay USD 200 as a penalty for watching child porn in the web; the number of compromised machines keeps increasing.
Suggested method of paying the so called fine is MoneyPak. Users are informed to have only 72 hours to settle the payment, and then the arrest is inevitable.
Get rid of Your Computer Has Been Locked – FBI , Department of Justice scareware and Winlock. Please note whether you pay the fine demanded makes no difference in terms of computer unlocking as the trojan does not provide for any response to codes entered into the relevant field within the popup.
Remove Get rid of Your Computer Has Been Locked – FBI , Department of Justice ransomware and do not satisfy any suspicious financial demands occurring the web – click here to initiate new computer inspections with the view of scareware extermination.

FBI DOJ "Your Computer Has Been Locked" locker virus automated removal tool download:

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