Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Remove Interpol, Department of CyberCrime, very scary alert made in the image and likeness of deceptive alerts powered by infamous UKASH virus

"Your Computer Has Been Locked" virus alert locks computer system and provides UKASH and Paysafecard field for entering code users are expected to buy in order to unlock their computers. The wordings and entire paragraphs in the popup under review are retrieved from notifications of the same scaring and misleading and criminal sort, just involving other names of public offices. Please have no doubts these are crooks to be prosecuted by Interpol, FBI and any sane police office in the world who infect computers with the above scareware, so that any accusations the popup contains are false.
Please note any payments with the methods suggested by the popup, or any other attempts to pay off the aggressive messages do not pay off the persons behind the scam. One may fall into delusion that the amount paid does not suffice, but whatever sum you spend to buy virtual currency, hackers’ appetites are insatiable so that the popup is going to persist until you apply ultimate treatment and get rid of Interpol, Department of CyberCrime ransomware named after popup it shows.
Download free scanner to detect all the malicious codes associated with the popup so that removal of Interpol, Department of CyberCrime could ensure safe and exhausting disinfection of your PC.

Interpol, Department of CyberCrime blocker locker virus automated removal tool download:

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