Thursday, April 26, 2012

Remove Happili redirect

Happili redirect ( chiefly relies on self-promotion of unfair and illegal kind. Its owners have contracted hackers, or are hackers themselves. Anyway, some persons have been spreading an infection, which is of combined type, if its its method of propagation to use as a classification criteria. That is, it can propagate like a worm, by dropping its copies into every drive on affected PC, especially exchangeable memory; can be introduced through the backdoor, loaded under the guise of a trojan etc.
This infection performs an attack on browser software installed on the affected PC. That leads to the bad habit of relevant browser to open the above page in the given intervals and under specified conditions. Since that provides for Google search results blocking, removal of Happili redirect is often requeted as a Google virus extermination.
Click here to get rid of Happili redirect malicious agent so that every useful web-service could function properely.

Happili hijacker screenshot:

Happili automated removal tool download:

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