Thursday, July 5, 2012

Remove Win32:Sirefef-Pl [Rtk] that applies advanced techniques to hide its elements and drops other malware

Win32:Sirefef-Pl [Rtk] conceals its components as a rootkit. It is but another entry to numerous family of threats called Sirefef family. The family members differ dramatically in their payload, but share the same methods of escaping detection and extermination by manual methods and major security threats.
In the long run, this particular modulation is expected to delete critical system files that can hardly be restored. As regards the tasks the rogue is to fulfill, they are subject to instructions it receives, but typically include introduction of content following the link specified by remote Command and Control Center governed by the hackers.
Removal of Win32:Sirefef-Pl [Rtk] is critical to maintain due system performance, yet it needs to encompass the items it has already dropped, if any.
Click here to get rid of Win32:Sirefef-Pl [Rtk] and other threats, including, of course, the infections introduced thanks to its effort.

Win32:Sirefef-Pl [Rtk] automated removal tool download:

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